While brushing and flossing, in addition to regular exams with your dentist, are perhaps the most important components in the prevention of a periodontal disease, food is important too. In fact, some foods are actually quite powerful in their ability to help prevent the onset of certain kinds of periodontal disease. The following is a list of three of the most beneficial types of foods for ensuring your risk of periodontal disease is as low as possible.

The Good Stuff: Meats & Seafood

Some of the most delicious foods are also among the most beneficial in terms of preventing periodontal disease. Lean beef, lamb, and oysters, despite the fact that many assert they are detrimental to your health, are actually beneficial from a periodontics standpoint.

These foods all contain healthy amounts of zinc, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight periodontal disease and boost the body's immune system. It also helps curb the growth of plaque, which can lead to the onset of a number of dental diseases.

Breakfast Foods: Whole Cereal & Juices

Other disease-fighting foods include common breakfast choices like whole grain cereal and orange juice. Whole grain foods are currently the subject of much research, and the overwhelming consensus to date is that their inclusion in your diet may substantially help reduce the risk of periodontitis.

Orange juice, rich in vitamin C, can also help fight the onset of periodontitis, as can other juices made from guava, tangerines, and apples. Vitamin C has long been shown to improve one's oral health and help curb the risk of developing oral disease.


Vegetables like spinach and sweet potatoes are also among the most beneficial disease-fighting foods you can eat. Spinach has one of the densest concentrations of beta-carotene, an antioxidant long lauded as one of the most powerful deterrents for periodontal disease.

One of the ways beta-carotene helps reduce the risk of periodontal disease is that the body ultimately converts it into vitamin A. While vitamin A is extremely beneficial for one's vision and even various skin conditions, it also acts as an immunity booster against myriad forms of bacteria.

Considering the number of bacteria currently residing inside the average individual's mouth, one really cannot have too much beta-carotene floating around inside their body. Veggies like carrots and squash also contain beta-carotene, as do various fruits like cantaloupe and apricots.

Overall, it is important to schedule regular checkups with a dentist like Washington Township Dental Associates and regularly brush and floss to reduce the risk of periodontal disease, but eating these three foods can give your body a real boost in the fight.