Sure, it can be hard for some people to work in dental appointments around their already hectic schedules. However, it is extremely important, especially when you consider all of the dangers that come from ignoring a tooth infection. Take a moment to review the following dangers, so you are well aware of what you are facing should you wait too long to be seen by a dentist.

Infection Can Spread To The Bone

Infections will not always simply stay within the tooth. As the infection festers, it is going to spread and maybe even eventually move into your jaw bone. If this were to happen, you might find yourself in need of surgery to remove those sections of bone. The reason is because those bones, specifically the mandible and maxilla, are very sensitive and do not hold up very long when there is an infection present.

The Tooth May Need To Be Removed

When an infection within a tooth is caught early enough, the problem can be resolved and the tooth can often be kept. In some cases, a root canal or crown may be needed. In the cases where the infection has festered for too long, the tooth may not be able to be saved. It may require an extraction. You will then either be stuck with a hole in your line of teeth, or you will have to have an implant tooth inserted in that spot.

The Infection Can Spread Into The Bloodstream

If the infection is ignored for too long and it spreads into the bloodstream, you are in serious trouble. This condition is called septicemia, and it is extremely dangerous. In fact, it is life threatening. In the best of scenarios, you would find yourself hospitalized and hooked up to machines to have antibiotic medication pumped into your body.

As you can see, ignoring a tooth infection is never something that you want to do. Should you suspect that you have a dental infection, you will want to schedule an appointment with a dentist, such as Sarah LYNCH DMD, as quickly as possible. Make sure that you are explaining your issues to the receptionist who is scheduling your appointment, so that he or she knows how important it is that you are seen quickly. If you are lucky, you might be able to be squeezed in more quickly than normal if there is a cancellation in the next few days.