The time to start preparing for your beauty plan for your wedding is at the beginning of your engagement, hopefully about a year before the wedding. The pictures you take at your wedding will last a lifetime. In the photos, your exposed arms and your smile are going to be the most noticeable parts of you, so follow these tips to improve their look.

Exercise those Arms!

Your engagement is the perfect time to intensify your exercise program. The focus should be on burning fat and toning your muscles. Try these arm exercises to create a toned, sexy look.

Doing several sets of curls at least three times a week can strengthen biceps. Do a regular curl by holding a weight in each hand and slowly raising the weight up to your shoulder. Angle your elbows out to create a wide-base curl, which works a different part of the muscle. A hammer curl turns your inner arm facing your body while you bring the weight up.

The most common triceps exercise is an overhead triceps press. Hold a weight in each hand over your head, bend your elbows behind your head 90 degrees and then bring them back up.

Another great way to work this muscle is to purchase a figure eight weighted band. Hold the handles behind your head so that your arms look like a goal post, with the elbows bent. Make sure your wrists are facing away from your body. Slowly lower your forearms so that your arms are parallel to the ground then bring them back up to 90 degrees. This exercise will help strengthen the triceps so that they look great in your wedding dress.

Perfect that Smile!

Hopefully you are already visiting the dentist every six months for a regular cleaning and check up. If your teeth are slightly misaligned you can talk to your dentist about getting Invisalign. It usually takes from six months to a year to straighten your teeth.

If your teeth are already straight, then the only thing you need to talk to your dentist about is getting your teeth whitened. Don't bother with whitening toothpaste or strips as you prepare for your wedding. You don't want a DIY job; you want a professional job that is going to ensure that you look your best.

A treatment process for whitening teeth usually takes about one to two weeks. The procedure can last for up to three years (especially if you avoid drinking coffee or red wine). Whiten your teeth about six months prior to your wedding. That way you will be certain that your teeth are prepared for the big day without adding stress so close to the big date. 

To learn more about teeth whitening, contact a dental office like Nitro Family Dentistry