If you are involved in any type of contact sports, then you are putting the health and well-being of your teeth at risk. It's important for you to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps to not only protect your teeth from injury, but also to make them stronger. Use the tips you'll find in this article to help protect your teeth and give them more strength.

Choosing a mouth guard

The first step to protecting your teeth from damage is making sure you choose the right mouth guard for your needs. One of the types of mouth guards you can get is a stock design one. This type is pre-formed and you just put it in your mouth and go. The problem with these are they are not formed to fit your mouth, so they won't offer you much in the way of protection.

You can also get a boil and bite mouth guard. These are ones you put in boiling water and then bite down on, so they do a better job of fitting your own mouth. However, the best option is to get a custom made mouth guard directly from your dentist, so you know it fits how it should and is made from quality materials.

If you wear braces, then it's even more important for you to go to your dentist to get a properly fitted mouth guard. There may be other modifications they feel are necessary in order to fully protect your mouth without putting your braces at risk.

Wear your head gear

If the sport you participate in also requires you to wear head gear, then you should wear that head gear any time you are practicing and there is a risk of contact. This gives you one more form of protection to decrease the odds of tooth damage.

Eat a balanced diet

One of the best ways to keep your teeth strong and healthy is to make sure you are eating a balanced diet so you know your teeth are getting all the nutrients they need to maintain optimal health. Get in plenty of calcium each day by eating foods such as yogurt, broccoli and cheese. Also, drinking milk is a great way to increase your calcium intake.

Taking extra precautions to keep your teeth healthy and unharmed will increase the likeliness of you keeping your great looking smile for as long as possible and decrease the chances of a dental emergency. For more tips on protecting your or a family member's mouth during sports, contact a company like Children's Dentistry of Lake County.