Many people have to get braces to correct problems with their teeth. Although many times the individual is in their elementary or teenage years, many adults also get braces. The important thing to remember is that regardless of your age, the effectiveness of the braces will largely depend on you and how well you care for your braces. Here are some things you need to know about getting braces.

Your Teeth Feel Loose -- Is This Normal?

Yes, it is completely normal for your teeth to feel loose after you get braces. In fact, this is a good thing; it means that the teeth are moving properly. Right after you get the appliance tightened with each dentist's appointment, you will notice that your teeth wiggle a bit. During this time you should be careful about eating hard foods. Take a couple days to eat only soft foods such as pasta, smoothies, fish and other things that are easy to chew. Then as time goes on and your teeth no longer wiggle, you can reintroduce foods that are part of your normal diet.

Are There Any Foods That You Should Avoid While Wearing Braces?

Although it will be hard to completely eliminate certain foods for the duration of your orthodontics treatment, you should be careful about the foods that you eat. Foods that are especially hard, such as jawbreakers, can damage the appliance. In addition, foods that are sticky are dangerous as well since they can get stuck in the braces and discolor the teeth. Try to avoid taffy, dehydrated fruits and other foods that could easily get caught in the teeth.

Most important is that you clean the braces and your teeth after every meal. You should carry a brush with you and clean your teeth after you eat.

Are There Any Activities You Can't Do While Wearing Braces?

You should be able to enjoy your normal lifestyle even with braces. For instance, if you play sports you can still do so with braces. You should know that it could be painful, especially if you are playing contact sports, which is why many people wear a mouth guard while they play. That way if you make contact with another player your mouth won't be damaged and cut up from the braces. In addition, some people put wax on the braces so that they don't cut up the mouth during sports.

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