In an attempt to save money, some people have resorted to traveling outside of the country for cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, this might not be the best option for receiving dental care. If you are considering traveling abroad for dental care, here are some pros and cons to consider. 


One of the benefits of traveling abroad for dental care is that you can potentially save money on certain procedures. For instance, dental implants can start at $549 in Rio Grande, but in the United States, the price can start at $1,500. Even with the cost of airfare, it might be possible to find a procedure for less than you would pay at home.  

Another benefit to traveling for dental care is that you have the opportunity to not only receive the treatment needed, but also take a mini-vacation while the work is done. In fact, scheduling the procedures around your vacation can ensure that you do not miss out on work while receiving care.  

Depending on which country you are traveling to, the care you can receive is of good quality. Some countries have standards that are equal to or better than those required by the U.S. government.  


Although there are benefits to traveling for dental care, there are several drawbacks to consider. For instance, even though many countries do have strict guidelines in place for dental professionals, there are some that do not. As a result, you could receive care from a dentist who does not have the proper training to perform the procedure you are needing.  

Another drawback is that it is challenging to follow up with the dentist who performed your procedures since he or she lives in another country. You will have to rely on a local dentist to provide the care needed and he or she will have to reassess the work completed to determine if it is up to standards and could possibly recommend additional work, if necessary. 

In addition to these issues, you might not save the funds you believed you would. Your expenses will not only include the cost of the dental care, but traveling expenses and the hotel stay. If the procedure does not work out the way it should, you will also have to pay a local doctor to repair the work.  

Ultimately, whether or not you travel for dental care is up to you. However, you should consider talking to a local cosmetic dentist like those at Carolina Forest Family Dentistry before traveling. He or she can help you carefully assess your options and determine what is right for you.