If you suffer from dental anxiety, even routine dental work can be difficult for you to sit through. If that's the case, extensive dental procedures can be downright impossible for you to endure. Unfortunately, once dental problems reach the level of emergency status, you can't afford to delay treatment. Postponing dental care for decay, or gum disease can leave you susceptible to serious health problems. If you've been putting off necessary dental work because you suffer from dental anxiety, sedation dentistry may be the answer you've been looking for. There are various levels of sedation available to you. If you've opted to be put under anesthesia for your dental work, you'll need to get prepared in advance. The three tips described here will help you prepare for your dental work.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

When you go in for your dental appointment, you should be wearing comfortable clothing, such as sweatpants and t-shirts, or pajamas. The dentist will need to get to your arms and legs for IV medication, and monitors. Your best bet is to wear a pair of loose-fitting pajamas to your appointment. It's also important that you bring an extra set of clothing, including underpants. While you're under anesthesia, it's not uncommon to have minor accidents. It will be easier for you to clean up afterward if you have a change of clothing with you. Be sure to bring a plastic bag with you as well. That way, you have something to carry your soiled clothes home in, should the need arise.

Avoid Excess Jewelry

If you typically wear several pieces of jewelry, you'll need to scale back for your dental procedure. Try to wear just one ring on your hand, and avoid wearing bracelets. While you're under anesthesia, your hands and fingers can swell. If you're wearing excessive jewelry, your dentist may have a hard time removing them in an emergency. Not only that, but excessive jewelry can interfere with the monitors you'll need to wear during the procedure. It's also important that you remove any nail polish, or artificial nails, prior to your procedure. Your dentist will be watching your nail beds to make sure you're getting enough oxygen. If your nails are painted, they won't be able to see your nail beds.

Take Care with Your Hair

If you have long hair, you should avoid styles that will make it difficult for your head to rest flat during the procedure. Your dentist will need to have full access to your mouth, and that can be difficult if your hair prevents your head from moving properly. For best protection, ponytails should rest no higher than the nape of your neck, and buns should be as high on the top of your head as possible.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, sedation dentistry will allow you to relax while your teeth are being fixed. Use the tips described here to make sure you're comfortable, and safe, while you're under anesthesia. To learn more, contact a dental office like Dental Implant & Cosmetic, PC