The golden years are a prime time for romance since many older adults find that they have more opportunities available for dating after retirement. Whether you've been single for years or are new to the dating game after a major life change, the decision to meet new people is the ideal way to spark a relationship. Yet, dating does have a tendency to make you more aware of your physical appearance, and you want your smile to be as dazzling as your sparkling personality. As you prepare for those first few meet and greets, consider these ways smile makeover services can help you put your best face forward.

Whiten Stained Teeth

Over the years, certain habits can take a toll on your teeth. Coffee, tea and even berries can all add up to stains that detract from your smile. While some yellowing of your teeth is normal due to enamel erosion that occurs with age, your cosmetic dentist can use several different techniques to help brighten up your smile. During your first visit, you can find out about options such as in-office whitening treatments that remove common stains so that your smile appears more youthful.

Cover Imperfections

In some cases, deep stains may not fully respond to whitening treatments. Alternatively, you could have chipped or fractured teeth that have never been repaired. New dental technology has made it possible for these imperfections to be covered using thin veneers that fit over your natural teeth. Depending upon your needs, a veneer may also be added to help fill in small gaps when you do not want to go through a full orthodontic treatment.

Replace Lost Teeth

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry services, tooth replacement can have one of the most dramatic effects. After all, having a missing tooth within your smile zone could cause you to feel self-conscious when you go on dates. Let your dentist know if a missing tooth bothers you so that you can explore potential options for replacing it. For instance, you might benefit from a dental implant for a single tooth, or a bridge might help you replace multiple teeth that are missing near each other.

While proper oral hygiene helps to keep your teeth in top condition, it is common to need a little help making sure that your smile reflects your inner beauty. Whether you want whiter teeth or to fill in gaps, you can improve your smile by understanding your options for cosmetic dentistry.

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