Are you in need of some artificial teeth? Have you been considering getting dentures but you still have some questions about them? Your dentist should be happy to answer any questions that you might have about them, but sometimes you may not want to wait until your next appointment before you get at least a few answers. If that applies to you and you're currently doing some research in an effort to determine what to actually ask your dentist next time you see him or her, here are the answers to a few questions that you may currently have:

Do dentures really need to be cleaned every day? At first, cleaning a set of dentures can sound like an annoying task. If you don't actually have to do it every day, you can use the time saved for other tasks. But just as natural teeth should be brushed at least once a day, dentures should be given a thorough cleaning on a daily basis. Failure to clean your dentures, just as with natural teeth, can cause the dentures to harbor dangerous bacteria. While these bacteria aren't going to cause painful cavities in the dentures, dentures that aren't cleaned regularly can cause infections and other health complications.

What happens if you sleep with your dentures in? If you are cleaning your dentures once or twice a day, you might think that you can just sleep with your dentures in your mouth. However, this is not a good idea. It's fine if you doze off occasionally with your dentures in place, but you should never intentionally go to sleep without taking them out. Leaving them in place while you sleep doesn't give your gum tissues a chance to rest and recuperate from the stress of having to hold the dentures in place. Even the most comfortable dentures in the world can eventually cause pain and irritation if you leave them in place for too long.

How often do dentures need to be replaced? People often choose to replace their dentures every 3-5 years, but a good care regimen can result in your dentures lasting for a longer period of time. Even if you don't need to or want to fully replace the dentures, you should get them re-lined every few years. Without any natural teeth, your gums will gradually change shape over the course of several years. If you don't get your dentures re-lined, the difference in shape can eventually cause them to rub against your gums in a way that results in minor irritation or even sores.

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