If you are getting metal braces in the next few days to help straighten your teeth and fix imperfections that you were not happy with, you are probably wondering how to keep your teeth clean despite having brackets and wires in your mouth. The cleaning process involves a few extra steps that people without braces normally would not necessarily need to take, but that is only because the food that you eat can easily get stuck between brackets and wires. Even though you will need to take some extra steps to keep your teeth clean, these steps are simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Get a Toothbrush With Soft Bristles

Start by replacing your old toothbrush with a new one that has soft bristles. The softer bristles on a toothbrush make it that much easier for you to clean the teeth and all areas around the bristles. If the brushes are too hard, they may not be flexible enough for you to clean out areas between your braces. Many of the leading toothbrush brands sell toothbrushes with softer bristles, so it should not be too hard to find the toothbrush you need.

Use Interproximal Brushes

When it comes to having food between your teeth, using traditional floss may be a bit of a challenge for you due to the wire on top of the brackets that are attached to your teeth. If you are having a difficult time removing bits and pieces of food that get stuck between your teeth, always use interproximal brushes. While anyone can use them, they are ideal for those with braces who want to quickly and easily get rid of food particles.

These brushes are small and portable, so you can bring them with you wherever you go, especially if you are going out to eat with friends or while you are out on a date. Gently press the brush underneath your wires and work the brush around the teeth and between them to remove anything that is stuck.

Rinse With Mouthwash

It is something you may not have done too much of in the past but rinsing with mouthwash is a great way to protect your teeth while you are wearing your braces. After all, you do not want cavities to develop while you are wearing the braces on your teeth. It is beneficial to rinse twice daily with a mouthwash that contains fluoride. If possible, you can rinse even more than that to keep your teeth and mouth completely clean.

When you have metal braces, the best ways to keep your teeth clean include using a toothbrush with soft bristles, using interproximal brushes when you have food stuck between your teeth, and regularly rinsing with mouthwash. If you add these steps to your daily oral hygiene routine, your teeth will continue looking clean and healthy while you work on straightening them.