So, you're ready to switch dentists to a family dentist. You want to select the right dentist for your needs, but with many dental practices in your area focusing on family works, you don't know which office is best for you. Use this guide to help you choose the family dentist that will be right for you.

1. Flexible hours

When you work and have kids in school, some of the only times you can schedule dental appointments is in the evening, very early in the mornings, or on weekends. Some dentists recognize the need for flexible hours and will keep their offices open outside normal business hours a few days a week or month. Choose a dental practice that has flexible scheduling hours, so you don't have to miss work or take kids out of school to make an appointment.

2. Easy scheduling

Things happen, and sometimes you can't make a dental appointment as originally planned. Choose a family dentist that allows you to change an appointment within a certain time frame without a repercussion such as a fine or wait list. Your dental practice will let you know about scheduling and cancellation procedures when you call to make your first appointment.

3. Multiple scheduling

Do you prefer to get all your children treated at the dentist in one visit? Choose a practice that has many dentists who work at once, so you can schedule your children either at the same time or within a short time frame of each other on the same day.

4. Entertainment in the waiting room

You don't want your children to be bored or anxious while waiting for their turn to sit in the dental chair. Choose an office that has an entertaining waiting room. A fish tank, television sets, play areas, and other forms of entertainment can be ideal for your family so you can keep your kids managed and entertained while you wait for your appointment.

5. Pediatric care

If you have very young children, you need a dentist who specializes in not only family dentistry but pediatric care in particular. You can ask your dental practice if they have a pediatric dentist on staff that you can schedule your younger kids with. Your older kids, as well as yourself, can go to the traditional family dentist in the same practice, or you can all see the pediatric dentist as well. The right family dentist will be able to meet all your needs.

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