When you have issues with your teeth, your dentist is going to work hard to fix them. One way that your dentist may suggest fixing your dental issues is with a dental bridge. You need to understand the procedure you are having done before going in for treatment.

Why Dental Bridges Are Necessary

If you recently had a tooth removed, and you now have a gap in between your other teeth, you would be a prime candidate for a dental bridge. Dental bridges are used when there is an empty space in your mouth.

Empty spaces in your mouth are not a good thing. An empty space can cause your other teeth to shift and move around, leading to even more dental issues. A dental bridge is designed to take up the space created by the tooth that was extracted from your mouth.

How Long Dental Bridges Last

Next, dental bridges are designed to last for a long time. They are designed to last for around one to two decades. Your bridge will last longer if you take good care of all your teeth. Getting regular cleanings will help ensure your bridge will last as long as possible.

How Dental Bridge Process Works

It is going to take two different visits for a dental bridge to be made for your mouth.

The First Visit

The first visit is about getting everything ready. The dentist will make sure that your existing teeth are ready the crown, which will go in the gap, to be placed. In order to get your mouth ready, the teeth next to the area where the tooth was extracted will be contoured.

After the surrounding teeth are contoured, then an impression of your teeth will be taken. This impression will be used to create a bridge that is a perfect match for your mouth. The dentist will create a temporary bridge. The temporary bridge will help protect your mouth while the custom bridge is made.

Second Visit

On the second visit, the temporary bridge that was placed to keep your teeth from moving will be removed. Then, the custom bridge will be put in place. If the custom bridge doesn't fit perfectly right, the dentist will fix the bridge until it feels perfect.

A dental bridge replaces a lost tooth in your mouth by anchoring the replacement between two existing teeth in your mouth. The process takes two visits and the bridge can last for up to two decades if you take proper care of your teeth. For more information, contact an office such as Henderson Family Dentistry.