When you are preparing to get braces, there might be certain steps you need to complete before you can get the braces on your teeth. Preparing teeth for braces is common, and while there are basic steps everyone should do during this stage, there are times when people will need to complete additional steps prior to getting braces. Here are some of the steps you may need to do as you prepare to get braces.

X-Rays and Cleaning

It is always a good idea to go through regular types of preventative dentistry services prior to getting braces, and this will usually include getting x-rays, a cleaning, and a checkup. During this routine type of checkup, your dentist can make sure that your teeth are healthy and able to get braces. The dentist will look closely to see if there are any problems and may also write down any challenges he or she sees with your teeth and mouth.

Once you get braces, you can and should continue visiting a dentist for regular checkups, but it is a little harder to get your teeth cleaned while wearing braces, simply because the brackets take up space on your teeth and cover parts of them.

Fillings or Other General Dentistry Work

If the dentist finds any problems at all, you will need to get them fixed before the orthodontist places your braces on your teeth. For example, if you have a cavity, you should get it filled before getting braces. If you have any problems with your gums or any other part of your mouth, it is vital to get the problems taken care of before getting braces. Additionally, you should continue getting dentistry work done while wearing braces if problems arise during this time.

Extraction of Permanent Teeth

Another step that some people may need to go through is extraction of permanent teeth. Before you get braces, both a dentist and orthodontist will look at the situation in your mouth. If you have an overly crowded mouth, it means that your mouth is not able to hold all the teeth that you have. In this situation, the best remedy usually involves removing some of the teeth. This may involve getting just one tooth extracted, or you may need to get multiple teeth extracted. After this is done, your mouth will have more space in it, and this will help your braces work more effectively for straightening and aligning your teeth.

Extraction of Primary Teeth

There are also times when people must get primary teeth removed before getting braces. If you were born with a condition known as hypodontia, it means that you are missing some permanent teeth. You may have the baby teeth that you should have, but you do not have permanent teeth growing in to replace the baby teeth. If you do not remove these baby teeth prior to getting braces, they could end up falling out at some point in your life. This would leave you with gaps in your mouth, and your teeth may shift to fill in the gaps. If this happens, it could destroy the work done by the braces you wore.

Because of this, it is often better to remove these baby teeth and try to shift the other teeth you have into these spots with the braces that you wear.

Proper planning and preparation are vital when getting braces, and you will need to visit an orthodontist to find out what steps you need to complete and a dentistry clinic to have those steps completed. You can learn more about this by visiting a dentist or orthodontist at a clinic like Twin Cities Dental in your area.