When you have missing teeth, it can be easy to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with your smile and with normal day to day interactions. If you are struggling with these issues, you may be wondering what you can or should do to help with the appearance of your teeth. One of the options you have is dentures. Get to know some of the facts you should be aware of about getting dentures. Then, you can better decide if dentures are the right option for you. 

You Can Get Full or Partial Dentures

Most people assume that in order to get dentures, they need to have no teeth at all. However, this is not necessarily the case. You can get what are commonly referred to as partials (partial dentures) to fill in gaps in your teeth. Partials fill in the gaps when you have two or more missing teeth in a row. 

As such, if you have an area of your mouth where several teeth fell out or had to be removed, you do not necessarily need to have your healthy teeth removed to get dentures. It is an option to have teeth pulled and get full dentures, though. This is used most often when the remainder of the teeth are not as strong or healthy, because it prevents you from needing to get a new set of dentures in the near future. 

Dentures Are Made of Pretty Durable Materials

Many people who are looking into getting dentures worry about the durability and strength of the artificial teeth they are going to get. In the past, dentures were not necessarily made of the strongest materials. However, today almost all dentures are made of a hard resin. 

The hard resin is designed to last longer than previous materials and help you to be able to more easily eat with your new artificial teeth. While hard resin is more durable that other materials previously used for dentures, you will likely still need to replace your dentures every five years or so as they wear down and can sustain damage over time. 

Cleaning Dentures Is Important

When it comes to dentures, many people wonder what the maintenance process is like. Keeping your dentures clean is as important as taking care of your natural teeth. If you do not, the dentures will crack and wear more quickly. They can also hold bacteria that could make you sick if you do not keep them clean. 

Dentures essentially follow the same cleaning schedule as your natural teeth in that they should be cleaned twice a day. You will brush your dentures with a special denture cleaning paste. This removes food and drink residue from the surface of the dentures. Then, you will soak your dentures in a solution designed to thoroughly clean them. 

Now that you know more about dentures, you can schedule your dental appointment and get the specs for your new dentures sent over to the dental lab for creation as soon as possible. Visit a service such as Custom Denture Lab for more information.