Most often, dentists can save teeth that have suffered some form of trauma. In fact, dentists prefer to save teeth since one lost tooth can cause dental issues such as crowding and advanced wear and tear of remaining teeth. But some dental problems require immediate tooth extraction. And that's when you need to seek the professional help of an emergency dentist.

Emergency dentists have the tools, training, and experience to perform emergency tooth extractions in the following situations.

1. Badly avulsed teeth

An avulsed tooth is a tooth that has moved out of position due to a traumatic injury. These types of injuries occur in sports games and in trip and fall accidents. Sometimes, after a traumatic injury, the root of the tooth bleeds excessively. This heavy bleeding could indicate severe damage to the tooth and the surrounding soft tissues. To get the bleeding under control, extraction may be necessary.

Another serious issue that could require immediate extraction after a traumatic injury is when a tooth has changed position and has severely jagged or sharp edges that are injuring the soft tissues.

2. Serious tooth infections

Tooth infections don't usually require tooth extractions, as long as you seek treatment for them as soon as possible. But over time, and without treatment, a tooth infection can spread throughout the soft tissues of your face, including your gums, cheeks, and even your throat. When this happens, the soft tissues may swell. When the swelling reaches the throat, you may struggle to breathe.

A tooth infection that affects your ability to breathe is a dental emergency. You need an emergency dentist to extract the infected tooth before the infection worsens. With the infected tooth removed, treating the infection will be easier.

3. Severely loose teeth

Although not all loose teeth are a dental emergency, in some cases, an emergency extraction is recommended. For instance, if you have a large loose tooth that is still attached to the gum and is damaging your other teeth when you try to eat or speak, this is cause for immediate tooth extraction.

In some cases, if there is a danger that you might swallow a tooth, you should consider immediate extraction.

All of these situations may require immediate tooth extraction. If you suffer from any of these dental issues, call an emergency dentist immediately. Once you have explained your situation to them, an emergency dentist can then decide if any emergency dental treatment is required.