Many people know that braces are used to correct the alignment of your teeth. However, the process of how they work can be a bit confusing. That's why it is helpful to know what the process is like before getting braces.  

The Brackets

You'll get to pick the kind of brackets that you want to use; they can be metal, clear plastic, or even colored plastic material. The orthodontist will start by placing the bracket on each tooth with dental cement so that they are in the right position. The dental cement is then cured by using a special blue light, which will allow the bracket to be secured in place so that you are ready for the next step.

The Wires And Bands

The orthodontist will then place a wire through each one of your brackets, with your top and bottom jaw getting its own wire. This wire is used to pull your teeth into the proper position over time. Rubber bands are then used to hold the wire in place. Your dentist will also give you the option of what kind of rubber bands you want to use since you can get ones that blend in with your teeth or that come in fun colors. At this point, your treatment will be started and you will be told to return to have an adjustment done.

The Adjustments

When you return to the orthodontist for an adjustment, the wires are swapped out with new ones to make adjustments to your teeth. This wire is what provides tension to move your teeth over time. This is a time when all the rubber bands are removed and you'll have the option to place a different color of rubber bands on your teeth if you want. You'll be returning to the orthodontist multiple times over your course of treatment to get your teeth in the right place.

The Retainer

Once the treatment is complete, you'll have the brackets and wires removed from your teeth and you'll be given a retainer. There are multiple types of retainers that you have to pick from. You may have a retainer that is bonded on the rear side of your teeth, you'll be given a plastic tray that you wear at night, or receive a removable metal retainer.

Have more questions about the process of getting braces? Reach out to a local dental service for more information.