If you have recently had major dental work, it may have left you with having to look for replacements for your natural teeth. A couple of the options that you may have been given include being fitted for dentures or getting dental implants.

While you may be leaning toward getting dentures, believing they would be the fastest and easiest option, you may want to reconsider. Getting dental implants has certain advantages over having to wear dentures that you should think about, a couple of which are discussed below.

1. Implants Do Not Affect Your Ability to Speak like Dentures Sometimes Do

One advantage that dental implants have over dentures is that they do not affect your ability to speak. When you have dentures, they often shift as you talk and can feel foreign in your mouth even after wearing them for years. This can affect your speech, and often, how your voice sounds.

However, since dentures become a permanent part of your gums once the sites where the implant posts are inserted heal, they act just like your regular teeth. Because of this, they do not affect your speech any more than your own natural teeth would.

2. Implants Do Not Make You Have to Give up Some Foods as You Do with Dentures

Another advantage you will find when getting dental implants is that you do not have to give up certain types of foods. With dentures, you risk removing or damaging them if you eat anything chewy or crunchy. Even foods such as thick bread or pizza can be difficult to eat.

However, when you get implants, you can still enjoy these types of foods. While there is a short period of time when you cannot eat them because the gums need to heal, after they are fully healed, you can once again bite into your favorite foods as you did when you had your natural teeth without fear of causing damage to them.

After you get implants and the gums have healed, you do not have to give up chewy and crunchy foods, and they do not make it difficult to speak like dentures sometimes do. They are also easier to maintain than dentures since you can simply brush and floss your teeth. If you are interested in learning more about the dental implant procedure and whether it would benefit you, make an appointment with a dentist in your area to discuss it.

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