If you have ever suffered from a dental issue, you likely want your child's teeth to remain as healthy as possible. Here are a few measures that you can take to help protect your child's oral health.

Time Their Brushing Sessions

Many kids simply don't brush long enough to clean their teeth thoroughly. Plaque and particles of food that are left behind can incite tooth decay.

The decay occurs as the acids from the bacteria in the mouth dissolve the minerals of the enamel. This dissolution eventually leads to the formation of holes, or cavities, in the teeth.

Dentists recommend brushing for at least two minutes twice daily. To help your child reach the two-minute mark each time they brush, set a timer. A kitchen timer or even a cell phone should work.

In addition, to encourage a youngster to continue brushing until the timer stops, consider offering a small reward for a week or two of two-minute brushing sessions. 

Have Them Use an Oral Irrigator

Many kids are unable to use string floss proficiently. They may not have developed enough dexterity to navigate the floss around the teeth. As a result, they may avoid flossing altogether.

One kid-friendly alternative to string floss is an oral irrigator. The device includes a reservoir, a motor, and a tip. The user fills the reservoir with water, and the tip directs a concentrated stream at the teeth. The motor powers the device, pumping the water from the reservoir to the tip.

The water dislodges plaque and debris. It even helps clear away plaque from below the gum line.

Like string floss, an oral irrigator, which is sometimes called a water flosser, should be used at least once daily. 

Eliminate Sodas From Their Diet

Sodas can be particularly harmful to your child's teeth. The carbonation that makes the beverages fizzy also makes them acidic. 

As a child consumes soda, the acidic liquid lowers the pH of the oral cavity. With regular consumption, the sodas may start to demineralize the teeth. Also, the high sugar content of the sodas serves a food source for the microbes in the child's mouth. 

As the bacteria feed on the sugar, they digest their food and release additional acid as a waste product. Instead of sodas, consider offering your child water or low-sugar non-carbonated drinks. Still, water is best, since it contains no sugar and helps to neutralize the acids in the mouth.

To learn more ways to help your child's teeth remain healthy, schedule a consultation with a dentist for kids in your local area.